Monday, August 13, 2012

"Organize an Outstanding Classroom Library"

Did you know that when a classroom library is well organized, easily accessible, and full of a wide variety of books, there is an increase in student independent reading? That's what Regie Routman says in her book "Reading Essentials" and she also goes on to say that "the better the classroom libraries, the better the reading achievement as measured by standardized tests." (Routman, 2003)

So with that said, are you ready to give your classroom library a face lift? This post contains resources for your own classroom libraries.

First, here is a set of fast facts from Regie Routman's book "Reading Essentials: The Specifics You Need to Teach Reading Well." This set focuses on Chapter 5 "Organizing an Outstanding Classroom Library."

Ch. 5 Organizing an Outstanding Classroom Library

Second, here is a list of web resources for organizing and labeling your classroom library effectively.

Classroom Organizer

Classroom Library ~ The Heart of the Classroom

Library Organization & Labels by Beth Newingham

Primary Classroom Labels - TPT

My Classroom Library Pinboard

Third, here are some ideas to increase the book count in your classroom library on a budget.
  • Talk to your PTO about raising money for classroom books.
  • Have students bring in their favorite books from home on loan.
  • Watch for sales during Teacher Appreciation Week at B&N and Borders.
  • Borrow from local libraries. Some libraries allow you 50 books at a time on loan.
  • Organize a classroom or school-wide book swap.
Give Your Classroom Library a Boost - Article

And fourth, here is a survey that you can take regarding your classroom library. The survey is two-fold. One, you can fill out the survey if you need help with your classroom library or two, you can use the survey as guiding questions for yourself as you reflect upon your classroom library.

Classroom Library Evaluation Questions

Happy Reading!

Routman, R. (2003). Reading Essentials: the specifics you need to teach reading well. Portsmouth: Heinemann Publishers.

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