Monday, October 1, 2012

The Levels are Changing! The Levels are Changing!

Now that I've gained your attention, the news is that Fountas & Pinnell are changing their Guided Reading levels to align with new trends in literacy achievement based on the following:
  • Technology use among preschoolers and school-aged children have increased. Kids are using devices such as smart phones, tables, and computers.
  • There is been a substantial increase in preschool enrollment since the 80’s; a 52% increase in 2009.
  • An increase of full day kindergarten programs have increased our student’s literacy achievement, thereby increasing their exposure to literacy rich opportunities.

Their current Text Level Gradient is as follows:

Their NEW Text Level Gradient shows new grade level
expectations in regards to entry and exit levels:

So what exactly did they change and why? Well, you have two options:

Read the entire article: click here.

Read my fast facts: click here.

We as educators want to create proficient readers. ~Readers may take different paths to proficiency, but we ultimately want the same outcome. (Marie Clay 1991) The revision of the new F&P Text Level Gradients can help serve as a guide as we lead our students along the path to proficiency.

Happy Reading!


  1. Hello Ashley. Nice website! Do you follow a prescribed reading or ELA curriculum in your district? If so, what curriculum/curricula do you use?

  2. We use Houghton Mifflin Reading and the PA Academic Standards. We are currently in a transition year to switching to Common Core, so this summer we have to rewrite our curriculum maps.

  3. We follow the balanced literacy framework- using Scholastic Balanced Literacy. For intervention we use LLI- Fountas and Pinnell. Works great and have seen excellent results.

    Nicole Bear in Saskatchewan, Canada