Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Welcome to my New Blog!

Hello! Welcome to my new blog! I actually made this over Christmas break, but now that its summer I have time to work on it! Let me introduce myself. I am Ashley Stevens, a Reading Specialist at North Salem Elementary School. This year will be my third year teaching and I absolutely love it!

I was inspired to get my blog going because of another teacher I will be working with next year, Rebecca. Check out her blog over @ My 6th Grade Cluster. I had originally thought about starting a blog to share resources with my fellow teachers. As a Reading Specialist at my school, I also have to spend a portion of my time as a Literacy Coach. That means helping teachers implement best practices, researching new ideas, and overall just helping a little bit extra. Eventually I would like to be at the caliber of one of my favorite bloggers, Jennifer Jones @ Hello Literacy. She has so many cool ideas (many of which I use) and she would be my equivalent of "Keeping up with the Jones'."

So check in every now and again. I will be posting things that I am doing for my class, ideas I've found, and sharing resources!

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