Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Summer Reading List

What to read? What to read? What to read?...A problem I never have! It's more like when will I fit all of this reading in? I stopped into school yesterday and ran into a teacher who mentioned that she reread her Daily 5 again. All I could think was, "I haven't even finished yet!" That was all the motivation I needed!

Let me introduce you to my Summer Reading list:

The books are "The Daily 5" by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser, "Reading Essentials" by Reggie Routman, and "Small Group Reading Instruction" by Beverly Tyner. Now I have almost finished the Daily 5, but I am going to start back at the beginning. The reasoning is two fold!

1) I was using the library copy and could not make notes in it. Now that I've ordered my own I can highlight and write to my heart's content!

2) I want to implement a strategy called "Fast Facts." One of my professors in grad school, who was a great influence on me, gave me the idea. After reading a chapter, you put into a document the 10 most important points from the chapter. This is great for Literacy Coaching if you are trying to gather some research for teachers or if you want to introduce something that you would like them to implement. During the school year it's hard for classroom teachers to read a lot of books, so this is a way to help them stay up on current research.

Now let me tell you whyyyyyyy I chose these books. To start off, a teacher who is amazing at our school is implementing the Daily 5. She told me about it so I had our wonderful librarian order the book so I could check it out. One thing teachers are always asking about are ideas for their guiding reading block. This book is great for implementing "centers" and builds students literacy independence.

The second book I chose because it's been sitting on my bookshelf for several years now, Reading Essentials by Reggie Routman. I grabbed it off of my shelf because the Daily 5 references her several times, so I thought knowing some of the research the Daily 5 was based of off would be beneficial.

The third book I chose, Small Group Reading Instruction, was referred to me by a mentor of mine. She was always referencing it, so I thought getting more informed on guiding reading at its most pivotal time would be very important for my role.

Check back to see some of my fast facts! Hopefully I will finish before summer ends!

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